Week 2: Junk in the Trunk

Another week down, let’s discuss how it went..

The week started off kind of rough, I had my very first weigh in. I went home in tears. I’m sure you can all relate in some way or another. We’ve all felt ourselves become out of shape, we’ve all felt our jeans get tight. Feeling your jeans get tight, ignoring it, and stepping on a scale some 6 months later to see your biggest fear came true: You have absolutely without a doubt gained 20lbs in 6months. Well… that just plain sucks. My trainer was very kind and just kept repeating that this is “just a starting point, this is where we are today not where we are going” … okay… if you say so.. time to suck it up and do some serious work.

So after that rude awakening, did I wind up doing some work? OF COURSE. At the end of week 2 I can already see improvement, which is amazing. I can walk semi normally, and I no longer have to avoid stairs. My trainer said “your workload capacity is increasing dramatically.” Let me explain what that means. When I started last week, I was able to complete a series of 6 exercises (3 upper body, 2 lower body, 1 ab) each with 4 sets and it took the entire hour. Fast forward only 1 WEEK and I am now able to complete 8 exercises and 5 sets each!!!! Not to mention I have increased the amount of weight I’m lifting in each of those sets. I’ve even added 10lb weights on each shoulder when I do my squats. All this progress in a mere 6 hours with a trainer spread across 2 weeks!!!

Squats Completed this week: 160

Squats Completed to date: 300

Squats Remaining: 9,700

Seriously, this is seeming like a miracle. Do I look any different: hell no. Do I feel different: HELL YES!

In terms of diet, week 2 consisted of revamping my breakfast routine. I used to eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter. This week I began my day with a plain drip coffee, and waited to eat breakfast until 3 hours after I woke up (around 930am). At that point, I eat 1 hard boiled egg and half of an avacado. The first day I found it pretty bland and unexciting. By day 5 I was even kind of looking forward to eating it. It makes me full, but not the full feeling you get from a plate of pasta. It’s more of a refreshed energizing full that will hold you to lunch without snacking. Give it a try you’ll see what I mean.

Health Bonus: My body is starting to accept and use the mass quantities of water. I no longer feel like I’m drowning, I actually crave water and feel thirsty.

Week 2: Still winning!


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