Week 3: Temptation Island

Week 3 started off with a ton of momentum! I went to my first spin class which was a ton of fun. I have this thing about following rules.. when someone tells me to do something and I consider them an authority figure of sorts, I just feel like I have to listen. I cannot cheat, especially when there’s people around. So, this class worked for me. The instructor was pretty intense, yelling at us “DON’T CHEAT THE WHEEL” .. “8 out of 10.. 10 out of 10, leave nothing behind!!” I felt like yelling back… “I’M NOT A CHEATER!! CAN’T YOU SEE MY SWEAT ON THE FLOOR?!” Let’s just say, I could still feel that seat on my bum 2 days later. I’m going to try to hit up one spin class a week from here on out. It’s a great way to burn calories and you get a great lower body workout.

In addition to spin class I met with my trainer 3x in a row this week. I had to, just so I could go to the cottage for the weekend. We started doing “super sets” this week. That means each set included 15 reps of an upper body exercise followed by 15 reps of a lower body exercise with no rest between. We did each super set 5x.. and we did 3 variations, followed by abs. Very tiring, very sweaty, very effective. By the time I got in the car for the cottage on Friday, it hurt to laugh, sit, stand, lie down.. basically I was in a world of physical activity hurt. *that’s a good thing*

Squats Completed this week: 150

Squats Completed to date: 450

Squats Remaining: 9,550

I was feeling great going into the weekend, like I had earned a drink or two on the cottage dock.. and then.. I got there.


Think about how hard it is to be on a healthy eating diet and then picture the following scenario: 8 people, 2.5 days, and a potato chip ratio of 2 bags to every 1 person.. bucket of cookies, pie, strawberry shortcake, campfire marshmallows, pulled pork, waffles, french toast, bacon, more meat than a caveman would need to sustain himself for an entire winter. It’s like we were preparing for some kind of zombie apocalypse so we brought enough food to be stranded up there for months.

Did I succeed? Well, to be honest.. only kind of. Every step of the journey was hard. I ate hummus in the car ride up while everyone else ate donuts, I said no to chips and ate sushi at the campfire.. I tried not to eat carbs with breakfast, but homemade blueberry waffles?! Ya.. I had 2. I also had 6 alcoholic beverages with full sugar Coke.. and they were delicious. I savored every sip. UGH I guess the point is, temptation is everywhere and sometimes it’s impossible to say no to everything. Instead of beating myself up with guilt.. I need to be proud of the small accomplishments. Last year I wouldn’t have even considered eating hummus or limiting my carb intake.

We’re all human, we all face temptation.. sometimes it can’t be avoided. What am I going to do about it??? Get back on the horse tomorrow, have another great week in the gym, and be thankful that cottage weekend only happens once a year!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend :)


8 thoughts on “Week 3: Temptation Island

  1. life is about balance- enjoy the good stuff when its there and then eat healthy for a while afterwards. and LOL- im the same way about following directions- if someone who seems to know what they’re talking about tells me to do something, i do it. to the letter 🙂

  2. I am loving your blog! The squat challenge you have set for yourself and the temptations I can totally relate to. I tried to do a 30 day Paleo challenge, and after 1 week drank my body weight in Bacardi. UGh. Good luck with this! I’ll be tuning in to see how it goes!

    (ps, if you ever need some good recipes, check out paleomg.com – all her stuff is healthy and delicious!!)

  3. Great job at spin!! I love your attitude- we can’t be perfect, and especially not in those kinds of situations. You do want you can and get back on track. You’re not starting all over and you didn’t back track. It’s just part of life and you keep going!

  4. Yay! So happy you enjoyed spinning! I remember my first class…I hid wayyyyyyyyyyy at the back lol I got addicted right after 🙂

    Don’t beat yourself up over it and don’t feel guilty. You get back on track and you continue moving forward 🙂

  5. You’re so right, temptation is everywhere (says the girl who just got off a cruise). But it’s what becomes habitual that makes or breaks us. Way to kill the workouts and get back on that horse!

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