Week 8: Curse of the Lunge

Well, here I am reporting back from my first officially week of PHASE 2: Muscle Building. I survived, just barely! Last week I completed 3 sessions of sweaty muscle building fun.. aka lifting heavy objects until my limbs turned to JELLO. I fully intended on doing a spin class on the weekend (trying to build that into my routine) but man oh man.. I could barely get to a seated position without bracing myself on a wall haha..

I am pretty sure I know what got to me.. LUNGES.. my gosh.. who created those? Some sort of torture loving sadist I imagine.. someday when I have kids, I’m not going to ground them, I’m going to make them do lunges.. that’ll teach them! 1 set of 12 for every minute they are late past curfew!!! Just imagine.. moms out there, who wants to implement this strategy and get back to me with an effectiveness rating on this punishment?!

HEY.. guess what else happened this week: I REACHED 1,000 SQUATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squats completed this week: 150

Squats completed to date: 1,020!!!!!

Squats remaining: 8,980

I suppose all of these torturous lunges, squats, and dead lifts are really paying off.. I lost another inch on my waist this week (3 total), and fit in to a pair of shorts I haven’t worn since a trip to Jamaica 2 years ago..

What does everyone else do to reward themselves when they reach fitness accomplishments? Former me would have rewarded accomplishments with dinners out/ice cream.. but new me needs NEW IDEAS!


5 thoughts on “Week 8: Curse of the Lunge

  1. Pedicures, Manicures, Massage, Facial, Night at Hotel (vacation away from home – but staying in the same city), Amusement Park Tix, Concert, Laser Tag or Mini Golf or Bowling (I am cheesy like that, lol), New Gym Clothes (Lululemon always comes out with new colors!)

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