Week 9: Official Lifter of Heavy Things

Another week of muscle building completed, and wow was it intense! My biggest accomplishment: I was able to deadlift 70lbs!!!! 70 lbs is easily half of a couch or giant TV… I could officially help someone move and be able to carry something other than pillows. It feels pretty cool to see heavy items and think “Hey… I can lift you..” I’m even starting to develop triceps (I call them “Sideies”) I’ve definitely never had those before.

Week 9 I completed a full 4 sessions with my trainer, and we got a LOT of squats in. How many you ask?

Squats completed this week: 216

Squats completed to date: 1,236

Squats remaining: 8,764

Seriously, we did regular squats with 30 lbs, split squats with 30lbs, and sumo squats with 40lbs.. who knew there were so many kinds of squats?! In all honesty no matter what kind you do the end result is the same: your bum muscles hate you.

This week he also introduced something rather interesting: Tabata Training, or as he calls it “the Finisher.” The Finisher makes it sound like it’s about to end your life, and that’s pretty accurate. I wanted to die immediately after. So here’s what happens, our regular 1 hr session typically includes 2 lower body, 2 upper body, and 2 core exercises, all 5 reps of 12 and then after all of that he tacked on this “finisher” .. It was only 4 minutes, 4 minutes of sheer torture. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and repeat for full 4 minutes. He had me pick up a 40lb kettle ball and do as many deadlifts as I could in each of those “work” portions, which I could do about 10 in 20 seconds. Thus, I completed 80 x 40lb deadlifts in 4 minutes. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, that HURTS. I waddled home.

Cheers to the finisher, and the squat, and the deadlift, and even the lunge. All these forms of torture have led to this:

ImageIt may not be a complete transformation but it’s definitely progress that i’m proud of! 2 months in, a lifetime to go. I officially weigh in tomorrow, I will report back some numerical progress in next weeks post!

P.S.: NEXT WEEKS POST WILL BE COMING TO YOU FROM WALT DISNEY WORLD! That’s right… My boyfriend and I have our bags packed and are leaving in 2 short days! Can’t wait to report back on how I do with my fitness while on vacation. If you have any tips for us please let me know! There is no vacation from health.. just from work 🙂


4 thoughts on “Week 9: Official Lifter of Heavy Things

  1. oh wow congrats!! thats amazing progress in just 2 short months!! and 70 lbs! thats amazing!! and lol- i’m going to start calling them sideies now too, i like that name way better 🙂

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