Week 10: 8lbs Down and Disney Part 1

First off let me just say WOW.. I have just returned from the most amazing vacation I’ve ever had! It will take at least 2 posts to divulge all of the juicy details.

Let’s begin way back in week 10, which really was 2 weeks ago.. I started the week with 3 training days in a row at the gym. I was super thankful to be getting on a plane and flying far far away from my trainer after he was done prepping me for vacation. We wrapped up the last 3 sessions of the “Build” phase before I left. I ended up being able to increase my dead lift to 80lbs! Super exciting. Squats completed this week : 180, Squats completed to date: 1,416, Squats remaining: 8, 584. 

Following those 3 workouts, I convinced myself to request that we complete our first weigh in! Talk about nerve wracking.. I remembered how disheartening the first one was… I feared the worst. That being said the results are in: I have lost 8 full pounds of FAT! I’m down 2% from my starting body fat percentage!!! My trainer was super proud.. appx 1 lb of weight loss a week is healthy sustainable weight loss. Essentially I am right on target, AWESOME!! I’m really proud of my progress so far. I was able to board the plane to Disney feeling super happy.

Then vacation started.. uh oh.. desserts.. delicious restaurants, CRAP! What is a girl to do. It was worse than that weekend at the cottage. People walking around with giant turkey legs hanging out of their mouths, smell of funnel cake in the air. Ugh, what can I say, I gave in to a few temptations. It was Epcot’s Food and Wine festival! Though I wasn’t perfect, I will say this, I did keep my quantity in check. My man and I shared almost every meal because the portions are way too big for one person. We also brought a pedometer and averaged appx 10 miles of walking per day. I wound up at least maintaining my weight loss on the trip.


Hey.. how about some vacation pictures!? This was us as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.. it was pretty much the best party of my life. The 5 and under crowd thought I was a real princess. I highly suggest going to this party! The parade and fireworks were awesome, not to mention all the Disney characters were out and about and IN COSTUME!


I mentioned that Food and Wine festival right?! In one hand is a massive margarita from Mexico.. in the other hand is a mongolian beef steam bun from China. Can you say.. food dreams fulfilled?! Disney is truly the greatest place on earth!

I’ll be posting about our second week in Disney soon, and let me tell you you do NOT want to miss that post. Some pretty exciting news is coming 😉
What’s everyone else planning for Halloween this year?


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