Week 11: Princess Fairytale Dream Come True

I’m going to make the exercise/fitness portion of this particular post short and sweet. Week 11 was spent entirely at the most magical place on earth: Disneyworld! I completed 0 squats, walked an average of 10 miles/day, ate ice cream, and enjoyed one of the most fabulous and memorable weeks of my life.

Monday the 30th was my birthday! One of my favourite things about Disney is the buttons they give for special occasions. I was so excited about my birthday button, namely because once you put it on, every single person who sees you says “Happy Birthday Princess.” It really doesn’t get any better than that! Or does it?! It does… we started our day at my favourite park: Animal Kingdom. I just absolutely love the safari, if you haven’t been you gotta go because then you can get pictures like this:


Tell me where else on earth does a giraffe photo bomb you?! This guy walked right in front of our jeep. It was amazing.

After Animal Kingdom we went back to the Magic Kingdom. I was dying to go to the new Be Our Guest Restaurant at Belle’s Castle. Have you heard the chat about this place? You have to book your reservation 6 months in advance. Believe me, we tried, and failed.. I convinced my boyfriend we should check it out and see if we could get in under someone else’s cancellation. Once we got to Belle’s Castle, my sneaky boyfriend said “I tried really hard to get us reservations but I just couldn’t. Don’t worry though, I think I have an even better plan.” I won’t lie, I was intrigued!

We started walking towards Cinderella’s Castle, you know, the one in all the pictures. Did you know there’s a restaurant in there AT THE TOP OF THE CASTLE: Cinderella’s Royal Table. I was emotional almost instantly. He had made us reservations in this secret restaurant at the top of the castle. Our seats were right at the stained glass window overlooking the entire park. All the princesses were there! And I got to take my picture with all of them:


See, that’s me and Snow White! It was so amazing. The whole day everyone called me a princess, then I was eating dinner in a princess castle getting my picture taken WITH princesses. Can you tell I like the whole princess thing?

Dinner was amazing. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. The waiter then brought over this mysterious covered platter that I didn’t see any of the other guests receiving. He lifted it up and underneath was a small glass slipper on a plate of rose petals.. and the slipper had my name on it! *Cue tears* One split second after that, my Andrew was down on one knee asking me to marry him. This was hands down the most magical, incredible, fantastic day of my whole life. There were at least 4 Disney photographers, and the rest of the restaurant was cheering. We’ve discussed, and neither of us remember what the other said. But we know for sure, he asked, and I said yes!


There you have it folks, the most exciting news of my life! Now… back to the gym…I have a princess wedding gown to wear in almost exactly 1 year from this very moment 🙂


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