Week 12: Say Yes to the Dress(ing)

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving! I hope all my fellow canadians had a wonderful turkey filled weekend like I did! As for my American buddies, pretty sure you celebrated Columbus Day this past weekend, but to be honest I have no idea what kind of food you eat on that day..

Anyways, fall is officially here, and what a great time of year it is. This year I am thankful for many things, the most important thing being my new additional family. It’s so amazing to say that I now get to be a part of 2 amazing families. My cup is overflowing with love, so to speak.

So last week was my first week back to the gym after vacation. Boy oh boy, I know I’ve mentioned it before but let me say it again.. TAKING A BREAK IS HARD!!! Going off your routine and then trying to get back on it brings a lot of pain (and sometimes nausea) haha. We started Phase 3: BURN this week. What is “BURN?” Well.. Continue reading


Week 10: 8lbs Down and Disney Part 1

First off let me just say WOW.. I have just returned from the most amazing vacation I’ve ever had! It will take at least 2 posts to divulge all of the juicy details.

Let’s begin way back in week 10, which really was 2 weeks ago.. I started the week with 3 training days in a row at the gym. I was super thankful to be getting on a plane and flying far far away from my trainer after he was done prepping me for vacation. We wrapped up the last 3 sessions of the “Build” phase before I left. I ended up being able to increase my dead lift to 80lbs! Super exciting. Squats completed this week : 180, Squats completed to date: 1,416, Squats remaining: 8, 584. 

Following those 3 workouts, I convinced myself to request that we complete our first weigh in! Talk about nerve wracking.. I remembered how disheartening the first one was… I feared the worst. That being said the results are in: Continue reading

Week 6: Girl on Fire

Has it been 6 weeks already? I can’t even believe it!! I’m thankful to say that I am 100% back on track, feeling healthy, alive and ready to kick some butt (namely my own)!

Week 6 started off as quite a challenge. It truly is amazing how much momentum you can lose in only 1 week away from the gym. My first workout of the week was rough, my heart was pumping hard the entire workout, I honestly barely made it through the full hour. It was a good lesson to have learned however: when you’re exercising to change your body and increase your strength.. a break is 24 hrs.. not a week!! Granted I had no choice in this situation, at some point I will have a choice, and I will not be choosing to take a break!

At the end of the week I had completed 4 x 1 hour long workouts! My heart and muscles have returned to their former glory:

Squats completed this week: 225

Squats completed to date: 750

Squats remaining: 9,250

I’ve also got an AWESOME progress update to share with everyone: I have officially lost 6 INCHES!!!! 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my ribcage area.., and 1 inch from each arm! I am super excited! I have one more week coming up in the “foundation” stage at which point I promise to post a progress pic..

Also, stay tuned this week I will be posting a new recipe: Gnocchi Chicken Minestrone

Hope you all had a fabulous week as well! P.S. let me know if you have any awesome healthy recipes that I can try!! I’d love to feature them on my blog 🙂